Additional SERVICES

  • Podcast Launch

    $1200 (includes trailer, intro and outro with music license)


    Need help launching?

    Not only have I edited and launched multiple podcasts; I've spent countless hours learning the craft, technology and equipment. Save a ton of time and stress and bad online advice, by getting support from someone that's already gone through it. I will help you move from the dreaming stage to the launching stage. I can advise on software, equipment, hosting, and any industry or podcasting related questions.


    Includes a 60 video conference and unlimited follow up texts and emails until you launch your show.


    I include ongoing consulting via email/text to all clients who will use my recurring editing and/or recording services (post launch).


    Inquire: [email protected]

  • Tape Sync

    -Equipment provided



    -Rates vary reach out to [email protected]

  • Priority Edits

    Need your episode completed before the 72 business hour window? 


    Rate x (1.5)


    note: subject to availability/schedule

  • Audiobooks

    Yes, we can edit your audiobooks. We provide some consulting to help you get the best audio possible. We will meet all acx standards so you wil not have a hassle with audible.


    Rates vary but are reasonable.


    Inquire at: [email protected]

  • Audiogram

    We will create an under 1 minute audiogram. Provide the graphic and clip (or timestamp).


    $20 each (special rates available for subscribers to editing servies)


    Inquire: [email protected]

  • Podcast Cover Art

    We will help you create your podcast cover art until you are satisfied!


    Starting at $100


    Inquire: [email protected]

  • Show Notes

    We can provide you with professional show notes or transcriptions to meet your needs. 


    Rates vary depending on needs. Inquire at [email protected] 
  • Episode Graphic

    With a template, we will create episode graphic for each episode.




    Inquire [email protected]

  • Other

    Need clip extraction? Audio Repair? Podcast Website? Something you need but can't find it listed?


    Inquire: [email protected]

Prices listed are in Canadian Funds