As a small business owner, I understand the ebbs and flows of busy life, where family takes priority. That's why I don't treat my clients as mere transactions. We work together to ensure podcasting fits seamlessly into your life and schedule.

I provide personable service and effective communication because I value relationships over transactions. I'm genuinely excited to see how the podcasts I work on impact listeners.

In today's world, with so much great content available, my mission is to ensure listeners have the best possible experience. That's why I'm dedicated to working closely with you and your podcast to achieve this goal.

By understanding your unique needs, I can tailor my services to meet your specific requirements. I believe in fostering strong relationships with my clients, which is why I'm always happy to engage in conversations to understand how best to help them. Let's talk today and see how I can help take your podcast to the next level.

With a lifetime of experience in audio and a passion for great sound and storytelling, I bring a unique perspective and expertise to the world of podcast editing. I have always loved the process of editing and have been able to help many other podcasts to produce great quality audio.

Podcast editing started for me when I edited a few podcasts for friends and my own and have received feedback from listeners who have commented on how much better the audio quality of the podcasts I am involved with sounds compared to others they listen to. The reason is simple: I put in the time. I've spent countless hours learning  from the experts in the industry and it has always been my priority to make the listening experience as enjoyable as possible. I've worked hard to learn how to create good audio, from the moment the recording starts to the moment the editing is done.

"Bad audio takes away from good content"
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