There is a lot of good content out there, I make it my mission to make podcast listener's experience a good one. Let me work with you and your podcast to do just that.

One question I will ask people is, "What are the most important things you are looking for when you are looking for podcast services?"

Turnover? Audio Quality? Efficiency? Price? Customer Service?

I like to get to know my clients and find out how best I can prioritize my service for their needs. Let's have a conversation!

I've been working in audio most of my life and I have always loved great sounding audio. When I started podcasting, I realized how much I enjoyed the process of editing and how many other podcasts struggle to produce good quality podcasts.

I edited a few podcasts for friends as well as my own, and people would comment on why the podcasts I am involve with sound so much better than most others that they listen to. The simple answer is, I've spent a LOT of time learning the process and right from the get go it became important to me to make the listening experience as enjoyable as possible. So from the time you press record to the time you press edit, I've worked very hard to learn how to create good audio.

"Bad audio takes away from good content"
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